About me

My name is Josh and I am a 30 year old web designer, tech fundi and entrepreneur from Stellenbosch, South Africa.
I have been designing websites for myself and clients since 2007 and specialise in the Joomla! content management system; building custom templates for both Joomla! and K2, managing and maintaining websites for my clients, search engine optimization, consulting and troubleshooting and generally providing my clients with a reliable source of assistance and help with their website.
I offer professional service with a personal touch and focus on simple, effective yet powerful design solutions to unsure you get the best from your website without compromising design integrity or styling finish.

I believe in honesty and a transparent design process, I value your opinion and work with you to achieve the maximum results. What ever your web needs I can help whether its consulting, personal training, designing or maintaining your website. I have a very technical side to me but also enjoy creative design as a process. I appreciate effectiveness via simplicity to convey a stronger message. I like to keep things personal and aim to can provide a service on par with the best.

"Simplicity is the mastery of design" - unknown

Brief background

After completing high school in Stellenbosch I began a job at a tour company where one of my duties was to keep the website up to date with new tour itineraries, prices and more. While I did at this point consider myself quite 'tech savvy' I had little or no real knowledge into the world of websites, code, search engines or how the web really worked.

As it turned out the company was using a content management system (Mambo) to manage their website and even though I had no experience with code I inevitebly came face to face with basic html and css while using the built in wysiwyg editor and so my fascination began.

I found it very interesting how websites were built and coded and began to immerse myself in tutorials, countless Google searches, view source examples and tips from others in forums and accross the web (kudos to all!) and after countless hours learning, practising and researching I slowly but surely became quite profeccient and at home with building awesome websites (the correct way - I would like to think)

I don't claim to be the bees knees however I do believe that the skills I have learned along my road to becoming a web designer are invaluable. For that reason I believe I can offer a reliable and valuable service to my clients. Experience is key and again, while I don't claim to be the best of the best, I do think that the experience I can offer my clients will be of great benefit because I have already made alot of these mistakes myself and have learned how not to do things though the painfull yet effective process of trial and error.

Anyway, back to the tour company, at this point I had become quite profeccient in Mambo and after some time the project was upgrade to Joomla! 1.0. I learned how to build template and manage websites effeciently and gained alot of practical experience using Joomla! Then Joomla 1.5 was released and again trial and error was the major experience builiding factor.

I now specialize in using the Open Source, Joomla! content management system and have been desiging and managing websites, creating templates, using the framework and assisting clients with a range of Joomla! related services ever since. I am always learning and remain open to new ideas, collaborations, or  projects. If you are interested in using my services please feel free to contact me to discuss your idea further.

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